Father Paulino Ruiz' Ordination
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Held at Saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Church - Hollywood, Florida

Saturday, November 8, 2003

Laying on of Hands

For millennia, the apostles and their descendants ordained others to ministry through the imposition of hands and prayer.  Here, Bishop Michel Pugin silently lays hands on the head of (then Deacon) Paulino Ruiz, ordaining him to the priesthood.

Act of Fraternity

After the bishop lays hands on the candidate's head in silence, all other priests present do the same, as a sign of fraternity. 


Father Orlando Molina, pastor of San Lazaro parish in Hialeah, Florida, welcomes Father Ruiz to the priesthood. The two have been working together at the parish for more than a decade.


Here, the new priest is vested in the wardrobe of his office - the stole and the chasuble. The color red was used to represent the Holy Spirit.

Consecration of Hands

The bishop consecrates the hands of the new priest with chrism, giving him the authority to consecrate the Holy Eucharist, and to bless.

Instruments of Office

The bishop hands the new priest a paten with bread on it and a chalice with wine and a little water in it - the instruments that he will use to confect the sacred Body and Blood of Christ.

Presenting the New Priest

After serving the busy parish of San Lazaro as a deacon for 15 years, an emotional Paulino Ruiz is presented to family and friends as Father Paulino Ruiz.