Saint Anthony of Padua
Catholic Community
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Saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Community began in October of 2000. A small group of South Florida Catholics wanted to worship in an accepting environment that offered Catholic tradition with valid sacraments, and the parish was born. While we are independent of the authority of the Roman Catholic Church, we do respect the institution and other such institutions retaining valid Apostolic Succession (members of the Orthodox and Anglican Communions). Worshippers can feel free to attend our masses knowing that they will not be judged for their human frailties.

Father Ken Rosato serves as pastor of Saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Community.


Come, Let Us Worship!
Saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Community welcomes all! Whether your background is Roman Catholic, Anglican/Episcopal, Orthodox, or Protestant, we offer valid sacraments without judgment. We believe issues such as divorce and contraception are individual in nature and should never prevent a person from coming to Christ.